House, crib need paint, paper or tiling? I could well be the tenant for you! ...

In exchange for realistic rental I am willing to do inside painting, wallpapering and tiling. I am also a very keen gardener. An asset as a tenant. Excellent references. I am an over 50's female with a cat, so no mice problems either.

Looking for a quite place where I can write from. I would love some sort of a view, but it's not the "end all and be all".

I am looking for a rental from approx April 2011 and can be open on length as long as I am told from the start. I have had places that are meant to be long term rentals and have been sold out from under me after me doing months of work. If it is for 6mths then tell me. That is probably the shortest term I would look at. Or are you an owner that once you see how I can transform a place, has another for me to work on?

I would love to be an active memeber of a small community and maybe even doing a written history or the likes for a community, a person happy to become a member of fundrasing for good causes.

No areas I am not willing to consider, here again I am very open to ideas. Orepuki, Colac Bay, Riverton, Tauatapere, Otatara, Winton even further up in Riversdale really open it will depend on rental as I will be sadly living on a limited budget while writing. I don't want a place to share, I want a quiet place to live alone in. If you have a house on a farm and wanted a cook I'd look at the likes of this as well.

PLEASE NOTE - This is now an aged listing and will be removed
$ 100 per week